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        An amazing  approach to drumming, involving a series of problem solving and inspirational breakthrough instructional lessons with Joe "Ballistic" Stronsick.   Study along with him as he delivers strategies on how to take your playing from where you are to where you KNOW you should be through videos, mp3s, community discussion groups, access to live Q&A's facilitated by Joe, and other tools and resources that you can use to help transform your drumming.

Complete A-Z Lessons

All lessons are broken up by modules with a clear A-Z method - no distractions.  Best Learning Ever.

Exclusive Community

Since Joe Ballistic's first  arrival on the scene in 1994, drummers world wide have been a part of an exclusive community.

On Demand Classes

Anytime access to past and present lessons to be inspired to take your playing to a ballistic level.

Valuable Resouces

Access to books, files and resources to help you along your journey and become an in demand drummer that gigging bands compete to hire. 

The Secret To Drumming Success

Quick Start Modules

All drumming modules are designed for quick accelerated learning.   Frankly, why spend 12 months learning something you could have learned in 1 weekend. On the modules, you'll discover that Joe's gift as an educator and author is second to none.  He conveys lessons that give you that A-HA type of feeling while making  learning FUN.

Magician Like Playing

Being a creative drummer has less to do with practice and more to do with understanding the "magician like secrets to playing."  Right now you want real answers and real help.  No more information being hidden in the dark.  The Ballistic Drumming University reveals all the magician like secrets to getting good FAST while turning you into a monster player that gigging bands compete to hire.

Ultimate Playing

The real reason to join is to be connected to other ballistic drummers who can help you along the way.  You can't do this alone.  The right information, the right guidance, and the right support can change your life.  Students of the Ballistic Drumming University become more creative, more confident and have to ability to take their playing to their ULTIMATE level.  

Want To Bring Out Your TRUE Talent?

"You're not going to be a monster player just from dreaming of it or constantly staying unFOCUSED with the next new youtube video.  You need a specific FOCUSED path to get the results you desire.  Success never happens on it's own,  and you can't succeed by yourself... it takes a team, a tribe of BALLISTIC drummers to get you from good to phenomenal.  Surround yourself in an environment where other drummers want to be creative, driven and talented beyond what is currently being played."  Joe "Ballistic" Stronsick

Don't Put This Off, Become a 
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Classes Inside Ballistic Drumming University

As you learn from Joe and his Ballistic team, you will have the best methods and instruction to take your drumming to the next level no matter what level you are playing at right now.  

Ballistic Double Bass Drumming  System

Amazing Double Bass Drumming Discovery Instantly Cures EVERY Problem In Your Playing and Loads You Up With So Much Speed, Power, and Coordination That You'll Finally Play Your Feet EXACTLY Like Your Hands at ANY Speed and ANY Time Signature You Desire

Used by world record holders and LA/NY drum pro's

Tornado Chops System

Discover The Missing Link To Insane Tornado Like Chops,
Previously Known Only to Cleveland’s Anonymous
‘Old School’ Jazz Cats from the 1920’s and 30’s.

In just 1 evening you can learn the easiest way to solo
around your kit like a high velocity tornado

Multiple Pedal Madness System

 The Little Secret That Started A Multiple Pedal Revolution. It Allows
You To Sound Like 3 Drummers Playing At Once.

Finally... 5 and 6 Way Independence Made Mind Blowingly Possible

Nuclear Magic Hi-Hat System

Split Your Foot Into 2 Different Limbs So You Can Play
2 Completely Different Patterns At Once.

PLUS... Open And Close The Hi-Hat In Ways You've Never Seen Before

Other Systems and Modules Include:

  • Sight Reading Made Easy
  • Designing the PERFECT drum pattern for any style of music
  • Get The Gig - Chart reading  made easy
  • Gosh darn easiest and fastest way to play odd times... Even if you can't count
  • And More...

When You Want To Be Phenomenal
and Not Forgoten. Join NOW

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Monthly Subscription

Classes Include:

  • 100 MPH Ballistic Double Bass Drumming Video Course
  • Multiple Pedal Madness Video Course
  • Tornado Chops Video Course
  • Hi Hat - Nuclear Magic Video Course
  • Webinar Recordings



Monthly Subscription

<< Everything In Silver PLUS:

  • Premium Live Webinar
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Joe Stronsick's unique system represents a giant leap forward in bass drum technique - especially for developing speed and control.  He represents his ideas in easy, logical steps that allow any drummer to develop lightning-fast feet!

Andy Doerschuk 
Editor, DRUM! Magazine                 

In combining congas, timbales, and drum set with your Ballistic System, it has helped me immensely in my double pedal playing.  I highly recommend Joe Stronsick's Ballistic System.  Ballistic is the way to go!

Walfredo Reyes Sr. 
Pioneer of world music.  Tony Bennet, Sammy Davis Jr. etc.                 

 I got immediate results and it takes potential speed to a whole new level!

Rocky Neill 
Author of Mel Bay's Complete Double Bass Cook Book                 

 It's a testimony to the human spirit that this is a tight, well conceived package.   It covers it all, pedal set up, head tension, to getting rapid-fire doubles.  It adhere's to the principles of good technique - ease, relaxation, conservation of energy - and darn it... it's exciting. 

Drum Etc. Magazine                 

 The Ballistic System helped more than any other video I've seen in the past. The most innovative method in years. It changed my whole thinking - it opened up a whole new spectrum. I've watched Neil Pert videos and he is great, but it didn't inspire me like the Ballistic System did. I became excited after watching the video and went right at it with immediate results.

Steve Stafford 
Burlington, WA                 

 I was blown away when I first saw this. It's totally ballistic. I realized I wasted years trying to play double bass 'the wrong way'! It took my drumming to the next level effortlessly.

Bryan West 
Davenport, IA  - Band FRONTIER                 

 It takes the secret out of drumming. Nobody is showing what Joe is. It's the best  drum videos I have ever seen. Immediately - it started happening. I was putting doubles and singles together. It was so natural and easy. For the last 10 years I was taught the wrong way!

Paul Cohen 
Clyde, TX                 

 Just finished another Ballistic Drumming workout and I still can't believe that those were my feet playing.  This method is fantastic.  Being a drummer for over 30 years, I've naturally seen and heard all the claims for improving double bass proficiency.  In the short time that I've followed your instruction and worked  using the Ballistic Method, I can honestly say that I've improved faster that I ever believed possible.  I'm now doing open rolls, mixing doubles and singles, it sounds like I'm playing my bass drums with my hands.  I've never enjoyed practicing so much before!

Steve Filarecki 
Tacoma, WA                 

Hundred's Upon Hundred's More Testimonials On File
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